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Mit Abo-CD: Music From Time And Space Vol. 63
Magazin: Suzanne Vega, Aynsley Lister, Eyevory, Excalibur, Second Relation, Vanilla Junction, Natural Child, Marc O'Reilly, Längst vergessen: Clancy, Wolf People, Maschine, Pelander, Blind Ego, 10 Jahre „Beavers" in Miltenberg, Piledriver, 20 Jahre Manikin Records, Sherpa, Petrels, The Anchoress, Asteroid, Dennis Dunaway, Stick Men, Andy Wilsing                        
Weltkulturalbum: Return To Forever - „Romantic Warrior"
Hauptstories: Titelstory: Deutschrock-Special, The Band, Laurie Anderson, Bruce Springsteen, Jean-Michel Jarre, Neal Morse, The Rolling Stones
Reviews: The Neal Morse Band (Album des Monats), The Rolling Stones, Crippled Black Phoenix, Neil Young, Dungen   
Backkatalog: Jody Grind, Jethro Tull, Rio Reiser, Queen, King Crimson, David Bowie, Phil Collins, Kaipa  
Einkaufszettel: The Moody Blues 
Live: Jeff Beck, Seasick Steve, Radiohead, Katatonia, Wilco, Blues Pills/Kadavar, The Warlocks, The Marcus King Band, Yellow  
Mit Abo-CD: Music From Time And Space Vol. 63 mit u.a. The Neal Morse Band, Erik Cohen, Eye, Sherpa, Sonaa, Petrels uvm.